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Streaming Music is Changing Music: The Tech Jawn 98

We recap Apple’s Wunderlust event where the company officially unveiled the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2, the new iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Ultra, and we discuss iOS 17 which just came out Monday.  Streaming has not only...

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No One Was Surprised: The Tech Jawn 97

The Apple Event where the iPhone 15, USB-C Airpods, and new Apple Watches are officially being announced is upon us and we do a bit of speculation on what all the new hotness will look like. We are so not shocked that, according to...

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Don't None Of Us Want To Go First With Autonomous Driving: The Tech Jawn 96

Brothatech downloaded and installed iOS Beta 17 which is expected to be officially released next Month. Apple is, oddly supportive of SB 244, a right-to-repair bill being considered in California and we ponder why. Tesla is facing its first lawsuits on autonomous vehicle deaths....

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Interview With “The CEO Of Tech Unboxings”, Lamarr Wilson – The Tech Jawn 95

In most of episode 95 of The Tech Jawn, we’ll be talking to our featured guest, but before we get to the interview we discuss another case of facial recognition misidentifying a person of color leading to their wrongful arrest.  In our interview, we...

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From The Archives – Minoritizing: The Tech Jawn 76

Will Melody Hobson’s $1.45 billion Project Black fund which plans to “minoritize” existing businesses help to narrow the wealth gap? Spotify has invested less than 10% of the $100 million it pledged to its Creator Equity Fund during the Joe Rogan controversy, and it...

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Zoom Says Remote Work Ain't Working: The Tech Jawn 94

An Asian MIT student asked Playground AI to make her profile pic look more professional, and it turned her into a white woman. Local governments can’t wait on Washington to implement federal guidelines for the use of Artificial Intelligence so they are taking matters...

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