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Just The Two Of US: The Tech Jawn 47

Apple doesn’t want any supply chain disruption in China over Made in Taiwan labels so it's asking its Taiwanese-based suppliers to add Made in China labeling to their products. TikTok’s contracted moderators are allegedly requiring employees to watch actual child abuse videos as part...

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This Week's Spotlight Shines on Nichelle Nichols: The Tech Jawn 46

30,000 tech workers have lost their jobs through July, but, we still believe Information Technology is, one of, if not the hottest job industries. Apple Pay could possibly come to Chrome, Edge, and Firefox in iOS 16.  We aren’t sure if this is because...

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Netflix Is Slippin: The Tech Jawn 45

Senators Corey Booker and Ben Ray Luján propose the UnCap America Act that would ban data caps on consumer high-speed broadband in the U.S. A chess-playing robot in Russia breaks its seven your old opponent's finger.  Reports are that the robot is completely safe,...

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The Three Rs Plus Computer Science: The Tech Jawn 44

Amazon releases Ring Doorbell video to the police without consent from or even notification to Ring owners. Twitter had a 40+ minute outage, its newsletter service Revue was down for over a day, and some employees are saying there’s no strong leadership at the...

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It's Pronounced Reuters (Royters): The Tech Jawn 43

Rogers Telecommunications in Canada suffered a 19-hour outage last week affecting all kinds of services including cell and landline access, banking services, internet access, 911/emergency services, and more. A new law in New York will require concealed-carry gun license applicants to hand over their...

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Could Deep Fake Interviews Actually Help Some Folks Get Hired? The Tech Jawn 42

Google will, soon, start deleting visits to potentially sensitive locations like domestic violence shelters from users' location histories. Search history, however, still remains. Scammers are using deep fakes to interview and get hired to remote jobs for nefarious reasons. We ponder if this tech,...

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