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Deepfakes for Good? – The Tech Jawn 131

Political deep fakes are a thing in India, they generally aren’t nefarious, and most politicians approve.  They probably need to do a better job at making sure folks know they are indeed fake, however. The latest iOS update, version 17.5, appears to in some...

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What Aren't We Using Bots For? The Tech Jawn 130

Developer season is upon us with Google I/O kicking off, and, tech pettiness is on full display.  Apple announced iOS 17.5 and there are rumors that ChatGPT is coming to iPhone. OpenAI took petty to trolling with an event Monday, the day before I/O,...

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Get That Community College AI Degree – The Tech Jawn 129

By the time you hear this Apple’s Let Loose iPad Event has happened.  Here is all the new iPad hotness we think is going to be announced. The Supreme Court of The United States really wasn’t interested in hearing why Elon Musk thinks he...

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Get Your TikTok “Ish” Together: The Tech Jawn 128

The Federal Trade Commission voted 3-2 along party lines to ban non-compete agreements for most employees allowing workers to switch jobs or start their own businesses more easily. A Baltimore area gym teacher has been arrested for using AI to make a deep fake...

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Don’t Allow Your Thumbprint To Snitch:  The Tech Jawn 127

It appears that a lot of folks repeatedly sign up and cancel streaming services based on there being content on them we want to watch, and, they have a name for us. Serial Churners. The potential TikTok ban is picking up steam again as...

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Fiber Already Trippin' – The Tech Jawn 126

Hybrid work appears to be here to stay. Millennials are making it clear that they have no intention of returning to the office 5 days per week.  Artificial Intelligence will allow artists to perform digitally long after they’ve passed away.  The bigger question is...

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