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Google Is Doing The Work On Skin Tone Representation: The Tech Jawn 35

What legal and moral responsibilities do social media companies have to remove violent content from their platforms? Does Elon Musk really want to buy Twitter? The deal is currently on hold and public spats with the CEO have analysts wondering. USB-C may be coming...

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A Mother's Day Jawn: The Tech Jawn 34

AI used in a Northwestern study of police departments is showing that a small percentage of officers own a disproportionate share of the misconduct. The “Chip Shortage” is actually making the chip shortage worse because chip manufacturers can’t get the chips they need to...

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Apple's Self Service Repair Is Not For The Faint At Heart: The Tech Jawn 33

After a massive recall of its Fitbit Ionic smartwatch due to hot battery issues, Google is being sued by two women because of burns caused by the Fitbit Versa 2 and the Versa Lite. What things should we do to manage our digital footprint...

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Elon Musk Was For Real For Real About Twitter: The Tech Jawn 32

Elon Musk secured financing for his $46.5 billion takeover bid of Twitter and Twitter’s board has reconsidered and accepted his offer. Patreon creates the new “Pull Up” incubator for creators of color and offers resources, training, and funding for marginalized small business owners. The...

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Interview with Jeremy Butler, Creator and Founder of Savage Kingdom: The Tech Jawn 31

Details on how Twitter’s upcoming edit button might work have surfaced and we all have different takes on how we feel about it. Slack-like communities are coming to WhatsApp Messenger and this could give the super-popular messaging app more of a social media app...

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Interview with Afua Bruce, Author of The Tech That Comes Next: The Tech Jawn 30

Elon Musk and Twitter had a heck of a week.  Musk buys 9.2% of the stock becoming the biggest shareholder, is offered a seat on the board, but turns it down.  Twitter also announces that it is adding an “Edit” button to the platform. ...

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