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Tap To Cash Might Make Mobile Payments Too Easy

Apple’s new Tap to Cash feature that allows iPhone users to tap their phones to initiate an Apple Pay transfer makes paying someone really easy.  The question is does it make it too easy? The US Surgeon General wants tobacco-like warning labels on social...

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Apple's Take On AI

In this episode of The Tech Jawn, we cover Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference Keynote.  Brothech breaks down the new hotness coming to visionOS 2, iOS and iPad OS 18, WatchOS 11, and macOS Sequoia.   TechLifeSteph catches us up with the saga of the...

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Anybody Else Cancelling Amazon? The Tech Jawn 132

A pair of studies published in the journal Science indicate that predominately older Republican women are responsible for the vast majority of the “fake news”. Spotify is raising its prices for the second time in as many years.  Will the streaming music service be...

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An Hour With Black, Female, Mechanical Engineer, Cherish Samuels

We’ve got something special in this week’s episode of The Tech Jawn.  We interview Cherish Samuels, a unicorn of unicorns, as she is a Black, female, mechanical engineer. We talk about everything from her journey getting into engineering at a young age, for years...

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Deepfakes for Good? – The Tech Jawn 131

Political deep fakes are a thing in India, they generally aren’t nefarious, and most politicians approve.  They probably need to do a better job at making sure folks know they are indeed fake, however. The latest iOS update, version 17.5, appears to in some...

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What Aren't We Using Bots For? The Tech Jawn 130

Developer season is upon us with Google I/O kicking off, and, tech pettiness is on full display.  Apple announced iOS 17.5 and there are rumors that ChatGPT is coming to iPhone. OpenAI took petty to trolling with an event Monday, the day before I/O,...

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