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Coding My Crown and Dove Launch A Guide For Coding Black Hair In Video Games: The Tech Jawn 108

This is a public service announcement to check your old Google accounts because, starting this week, Google is deleting accounts that have not been accessed in over two years. Tech Life Steph has made the switch from PC to Mac, but, all is not...

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OpenAI Is Trippin': The Tech Jawn 107

Apple has finally decided to add RCS to the iPhone sometime in 2024, but, the company makes it clear that RCS is not coming to iMessage, thus the blue bubble vs. green bubble bullying will continue. OpenAI fired its CEO, failed at trying to...

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The D.O.C. Uses AI To Release New Music: The Tech Jawn 106

It looks like the Food and Drug Administration might be ready to approve the first gene-editing therapy, CRISPR, that cured sickle cell anemia symptoms in 97% of trial patients.  Are we ready for the Humane AI Pin?  A wearable AI assistant that kind of...

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EVs Are Just Too Darn Expensive – The Tech Jawn 105

Electric vehicle sales are actually up year over year but their increased cost compared to the ICE counterparts keeps consumers from adopting them at the rate auto manufacturers thought they would. Elon Musk’s generative AI company X.ai released its LLM Grok this week.  The...

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Dr. Joy Buolamwini, The White House, And The UN On AI: The Tech Jawn 104

Cruise’s robotaxi permit was immediately suspended in San Francisco after the company failed to report the whole story about a pedestrian-involved accident and two days later the company suspended service everywhere. Facebook and Instagram launched ad-free premium subscriptions in Europe.  And X, formerly Twitter,...

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Full Circle With The Fugees: The Tech Jawn 103

A jury awards a female Google Cloud executive $1.1 million because the company gave higher pay to less-experienced male cohorts and later denied her promotions in retaliation for complaining about it.  On the heels of the password-sharing crackdown and a 70% increase in ad-supported...

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