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From The Archives, The Tech Jawn 74: An Interview With RareBreed Ventures Founder And Managing Partner, Mac Conwell

In honor of Memorial Day The Tech Jawn crew did not record a new episode so we are hitting you with a recent episode from the archives. In episode 74 we were joined by the founder and managing partner of RareBreed Ventures, Mac Conwell....

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We Stay Looking for Loopholes: The Tech Jawn 84

DoorDash is facing a lawsuit claiming the food delivery service charges iPhone users more for identical deliveries than Android users. Google Photos, after misidentifying Black men as Gorillas back in 2015, disabled the ability to categorize apes, and 8 years later, still hasn’t turned...

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Google I/O Could Have Been Called Google AI: The Tech Jawn 83

Google AI, err ughm, Google I/O kicked off last Wednesday. The company spent most of its 2 hours plus keynote talking about Artificial intelligence, and it also officially announced the Pixel Tablet and the Pixel Fold phone. Elon Musk has named a new CEO...

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ChatGPT Is Pretty Good At Picking Stocks: The Tech Jawn 82

Is ChatGPT better at picking stocks than hedge fund managers?  According to an 8-week study in the UK, the answer is yes, and it's not even close. The Writer’s Guild of America is currently on strike, and, one of their major issues is that...

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Is Subscribing to Cars What We're Doing Now? – The Tech Jawn 81

Juice Jacking may not be as big of an issue as the FBI and literally every other media outlet made it out to be last month seeing how there are no reports of it ever happening on record. Monthly subscriptions for features on new...

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Facebook Might Owe You Money: The Tech Jawn 80

There is no way to sugarcoat it.  Google employees think Bard is trash and you simply can’t trust it even if its tongue came notarized. Meta will soon start doling out payments from the $725 million Cambridge Analytica settlement where it sold data on...

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