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Hiring Freezes And Layoffs In Big Tech

Kanye West, after having his Instagram and Twitter accounts restricted for antisemitic comments, agrees to buy the right-leaning social media platform Parler. TikTok has raised the age requirement for live streaming from 16 to 18 and is introducing adult-only streams. The website for the...

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Tech Confessions: The Tech Jawn 55

The Apple Watch’s fall and crash detection experience false positives everywhere from the emergency room to roller coasters. Meta has notified nearly 1 million Facebook users that their login information may have been compromised by apps downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.Alphabet...

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Will Remote Work Lead To Overseas Outsourcing: The Tech Jawn 54

James Earl Jones is retiring as the voice of Darth Vader but his menacing tones will live on through A.I. supplied by Ukrainian startup, Respeecher.   Apple reportedly won’t boost iPhone 14 Production because it appears that the new hotness is selling as Apple predicted...

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IBM Expands Its Cybersecurity Leadership Centers to 20 HBCUs: The Tech Jawn 53

The Windows 11 22H2 Update is out.  It’s the first major update of Windows 11 and we break down some of the new features and old features that Windows users should check out. The latest version of WhatsApp allows users to join calls by...

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No Evidence Of Access Is Not A Denial: The Tech Jawn 52

The iPhone 14 launch isn’t going that smoothly for Apple.  iMessage and Facetime aren’t working for many after activation, some 14 Pro and Pro Max freeze after data transfers, and there are a lot of videos of the 48-megapixel camera acting weird with third-party...

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Apple's New Hotness: The Tech Jawn 51

This week’s episode of The Tech Jawn is mostly about the Apple Event and all the new gadgets that are coming out.  We talk about the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro, the new Apple Watch Series 8 and Ultra, and we mention the new...

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