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No Dog Whistles In This Title: The Tech Jawn 41

Khaby Lame is now the biggest TikTok creator in the world with over 142.8 million followers. Even with all the positive stories of black women getting into I.T., the pay gap between white men and black women Is actually widening.  Eminent Future and it...

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Interview With Florcy Morisset: The Tech Jawn 40

We’ve got a special Juneteenth edition of the Tech Jawn where this week, we are joined by serial entrepreneur, business consultant, and Web3 strategist, Florcy Morisset to talk to us about Web3 and what's in it for us. But, before we get to the...

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Jay-Z and Jack Want You To Know Crypto: The Tech Jawn 39

Is Google’s artificially intelligent chatbot generator LaMDA showing signs of sentience?  Most likely not, but, AI, in general, is getting awfully good at fooling humans. Jack Dorsey and Jaz-Z are teaming up to launch a bitcoin-focused financial literacy program.  The Bitcoin Academy will launch...

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WWDC22 Recap And More: The Tech Jawn 38

Apple held its WWDC22 Keynote and we recap some of the new hardware and software coming out in the coming months. Tesla and about 50% of other companies want their employees back in the office 100% of the time, but, many employees are willing...

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The Best Of Episode: The Tech Jawn 37

Normally, The Tech Jawn crew records new episodes on Mondays, but, with the long Memorial Day weekend, we decided to take a little hiatus and will be back to you with a new episode next week.  We didn't, however, want to just leave you...

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The Great Resignation Is Leading To Great Opportunities In IT: The Tech Jawn 36

Will Apple be found liable for the permanent hearing loss suffered by a 12-year-old boy wearing AirPods during an Amber Alert? Google does an about-face when it comes to allowing users to keep their free legacy G Suite Accounts.  It does make you jump...

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