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Have Social Media Chickens Come Home To Roost? – The Tech Jawn 79

Netflix’s Love is Blind Reunion live stream didn’t go down as planned. It turns out the cast, not, the technology is the reason for the postponement. Consumers just aren’t buying computers like they used to.  Global shipments of PCs were down 29% YoY.  Apple’s...

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EV Charging At Walmart… Makes Sense: The Tech Jawn 78

Rumor has it that Sony is working on a new handheld PlayStation built for remote play.  The “Q Lite” is designed to stream games over the internet from a PlayStation 5. Walmart plans to build a nationwide EV charging network at thousands of stores....

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Interview With Lawyer, Author, and COO of DEI Directive, Flo Nicolas: The Tech Jawn 77

In this week’s episode of The Tech Jawn, we cover a couple of tech stories like Twitter’s logo changing to the logo of Dogecoin and the open letter to pause new AI development for 6 months, but the meat of this episode is our...

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Minoritizing: The Tech Jawn 76

Will Melody Hobson’s $1.45 billion Project Black fund which plans to “minoritize” existing businesses help to narrow the wealth gap? Spotify has invested less than 10% of the $100 million it pledged to its Creator Equity Fund during the Joe Rogan controversy, and it...

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A.I. Is Finessing Humans For Real For Real: The Tech Jawn 75

The U.S. is threatening to ban TikTok if its Chinese owners don’t sell their stake, but, the social media giant argues that a forced sale won’t address security issues. Google cancels Google Glass, again.  Is this just Google being Google or a sign that...

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An Interview With RareBreed Ventures Founder And Managing Partner, Mac Conwell – The Tech Jawn 74

This week on The Tech Jawn we are joined by special guest Mac Conwell, founder and managing partner of RareBreed Ventures. He hangs out with us to talk about the run on and ultimate failure of Silicon Valley bank, what actually happened, and how...

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