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Spend A Grip Plus: The Tech Jawn 29

Facebook’s News Feed was doling out misinformation for months due to a bug in its ranking algorithm that affected as much as half of all views.Elon Musk purchased a 9.2% stake in Twitter becoming the company's biggest individual shareholder. Apple and Meta shared user...

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The Slap Heard Around The Internet: The Tech Jawn 28

Will Smith smacking the taste out of Chris Rock’s mouth at the Oscars isn’t necessarily a tech story, but it needs to be discussed.  Proposed EU legislation may require messaging platforms to interoperate, but the bigger issue may be getting the carriers to roll...

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Bourgeoisie Seat Warmers: The Tech Jawn 27

Facebook locks a bunch of users out of their accounts for not turning on Facebook Protect.  The problem was that Facebook’s email notification looked like a phishing scam which was largely ignored. The global chip shortage is getting real and it's getting worse.  First,...

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Interview With Gary Joanis: The Tech Jawn 26

Instagram introduces Enhanced Tags which should make it easier for professional accounts and influencers to receive credit for their work.  Apple Announces the M1 Ultra, the new Mac Studio, and the 5K Studio Display, and they all sound kind of awesome. And we interview...

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YouTube, Holler At Ya Boy, Ya Boy, And Ya Girl: The Tech Jawn 25

Apple’s Privacy Update wiped out over a quarter trillion dollars in market cap from 4 of the big social media companies.  Google is thinking about privacy too, but it ain’t going quite as hard as Apple. Michael Jordan and son’s NFT project Heir is...

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That Boy Stupid: The Tech Jawn 24

We kick off this week’s episode of The Tech Jawn with talk about TikTok and its new 10-minute time limit on videos.  Is it time to move beyond passwords?   We discuss efforts to get rid of passwords completely and if everyone should be...

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