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Tech Layoffs Continue Into 2023: The Tech Jawn 67

Twitter shuts off access to several third-party Twitter clients with zero notice.  Twitter had the right to do it, but, was Twitter right to do it? Apple announces new M2 processors, refreshed MacBook Pros, and less expensive Mac Minis in a recorded video.  Have...

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Is All Fair In Love And AI? The Tech Jawn 66

Are black and brown renters being denied access to housing based on biased algorithms?  A renter’s screening company says it's not its issue because it doesn’t make renting decisions. Wyoming wants to phase out electric vehicles by 2035.  We don’t think lawmakers proposed this...

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We Back: The Tech Jawn 65

MSG Entertainment is being petty with its facial recognition capabilities.  The company is actively banning employees from law firms that are litigating cases against it from patronizing its venues. Inaccuracy in Facial Recognition of Black and Brown faces is still problematic for the technology,...

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Wrapping Up Before The Holidays: The Tech Jawn 64

Apple decides not to scan your iCloud photos against the Child Sexual Abuse Material database, or, CSAM, and has other plans to expand its Communication Safety features. The Federal Trade Commission filed an antitrust complaint against Microsoft alleging that its bid to acquire Activision...

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An Hour With Black, Female, Mechanical Engineer, Cherish Samuels: The Tech Jawn 63

We’ve got something special in this week’s episode of The Tech Jawn.  We interview Cherish Samuels, a unicorn of unicorns, as she is a Black, female, mechanical engineer. We talk about everything from her journey getting into engineering at a young age, for years...

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Aggressive Weight Loss Goals: The Tech Jawn 62

Twitter grappled with nuisance spam from the Chinese State intended to obscure news of covid restriction protests happening in cities across the country. Even though Amazon Alexa devices are pretty popular the digital assistants are on pace to lose $10 billion this year because...

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