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Apple Officially Announced The Vision Pro Release Date Slick Right Before CES – The Tech Jawn 112

The Consumer Electronics Show, the largest tech show in the world kicks off this week and we’re excited about all the announcements, especially the things that actually exist. Apple officially announced the pre-order and launch dates of the Vision Pro mixed reality headset and...

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The SnobOS / Tech Jawn Feed Takeover

Hey Folks, Robb Dunewood from The Tech Jawn here. Let me first wish everyone a Happy New Year and let you know that the crew from the Tech Jawn is off this week with our normal recording day falling on Monday.  We didn’t want...

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Interview With “The CEO Of Tech Unboxings”, Lamarr Wilson

In most of this episode of The Tech Jawn, we’ll be talking to our featured guest, but before we get to the interview we discuss another case of facial recognition misidentifying a person of color leading to their wrongful arrest. In our interview, we...

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Kinfolk Keep Trying To Warn Companies About The Potential Harms AI Can Do To Underserved Communities – The Tech Jawn 111

A DEI lead at Facebook has admitted to embezzling 4 million dollars in a scheme that involved fake expense reports, payments via CashApp, and all kinds of easily “firgureoutable” types of fraud. Elon Musk has declared that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives need to...

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The FDA Approves Gene Therapy For Sickle Cell Disease: The Tech Jawn 110

The FDA has approved the first-ever gene editing therapy we talked about in episode 106 that treats sickle cell disease which affects over 100,000 mostly Black Americans in the United States. Rumor has it that Apple’s iMessage will not be classified as a gatekeeper...

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Dang, Colleges Collect A Lot Of Data On Students: The Tech Jawn 109

Happy belated birthday to ChatGPT. OpenAI’s generative AI chatbot that kicked off the AI craze of 2023 officially turned 1 year old on November 30th. Spotify has laid off 17% of its workforce eliminating around 1500 jobs. This is the music streaming company’s third...

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