The Tech Jawn

Is It GIF or JIF? The Tech Jawn 20

It’s Black History Month and, for at least the second year in a row, Apple is highlighting black voices throughout the month of February.  Meta might want to change some of its policies and controls in the Metaverse as it relates to sexual harassment.  A 43-year-old British woman claims she was virtually groped by a…

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A Bruh Created The Search Engine: The Tech Jawn 18

There is a new game word game taking the internet by storm.  It’s called Wordle, It’s completely free, and, by design, it’s not a time suck. Is the next wave of watching sports a courtside VR experience?  With the Oculus Quest 2, you may be able to “be at the game” without actually being at…

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Green Bubble Bullies: The Tech Jawn 17

Google is concerned that Apple allows iMessage users to bully Android users.  If true Google is probably just as much to blame. Timnit Gebru launches the Distributed Artificial Intelligence Research Institute to focus on how bias in Artificial Intelligence harms marginalized groups. Due to the pandemic CES this year still wasn’t the CES of old,…

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The After Show With Professor Tonya M. Evans: The Tech Jawn 16

The cast of The Tech Jawn is just coming back from our holiday hiatus but we wanted to present you with something special before we get back to live shows in the second week of January.  Back in episode 8, we had the honor of interviewing Professor Tonya M. Evans, Forbe’s 50 Over 50 member,…

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Why Ain’t The Algorithms Feeling Us? — The Tech Jawn 0

African Americans are being arrested, charged, and held on faulty ID matches.

Twitter favors faces with lighter skin tones… Even “Black Twitter”

Autonomous vehicles even be out here pedestrian bowling with kinfolk.

Facial recognition, Artificial Intelligence, and algorithms in general really ain’t feeling us, and , in the first episode of The Tech Jawn, we’re going to discuss why.

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Kinfolk Tech Support: The Tech Jawn 15

YouTube TV almost lost a customer before working things out with Disney to bring ABC, ESPN, and other channels back to the platform. Many security analysts are saying that the Log4j exploit that has been dominating tech news for the last week may be the biggest cyber security vulnerability ever.  If it’s not the biggest,…

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Please Don’t Build Skynet: The Tech Jawn 13

In this episode of The Tech Jawn we talk about Apple’s anti-sexting tool and if not notifying parents is the right call? Is Black Twitter The New Green Book? We know you can get the tea but is it also keeping us safe out here in these streets. What do you think about a DEI…

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Tesla, For Real Though? – The Tech Jawn 05

Facebook, technology-wise, has recovered from the configuration change that caused the biggest outage ever, but the social media giant is still reeling when it comes to its reputation. The Central Bank of Nigeria is set to, soon, launch eNaira, a state-backed digital currency making the country one of the first to adopt digitization of its…

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Now That We’ve Talked About Facebook Let’s Talk About Facebook: The Tech Jawn 04

Facebook suffered its biggest outage ever on Monday, but, the damage done via configuration changes on backbone routers may pale in comparison to the damage control Facebook does in an effort to not become regulated. Amazon held its Fall Product Event and announced several new devices including 15” Echo Show, a $1000 two-foot-tall robot that…

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Be Kind To Your Delivery People: The Tech Jawn 03

The Fugee’s concert started 3 hours late. Can’t say we didn’t see that coming.  Microsoft announced new Surface Devices. They all sound kind of awesome. Google security escorts a black employee with a badge off campus because “someone” didn’t believe he was an employee. And the conditions some food delivery contractors work under in big…

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