Coding My Crown and Dove Launch A Guide For Coding Black Hair In Video Games: The Tech Jawn 108

This is a public service announcement to check your old Google accounts because, starting this week, Google is deleting accounts that have not been accessed in over two years.

Tech Life Steph has made the switch from PC to Mac, but, all is not well as she explains why she is not yet using her new hotness to record episodes of the show.

Coding My Crown and Dove have partnered to launch an open-source guide for coding Black hair in video games.

And, billion-dollar case maker Casetify is being sued by dBrands for jacking its designs, Easter eggs and all, from its Teardown line of cases.

We've got all this, a recap of the OpenAI hot mess from a week ago, and we've got a Spotlight in episode 108 of The Tech Jawn.

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