From The Archives, The Tech Jawn 74: An Interview With RareBreed Ventures Founder And Managing Partner, Mac Conwell

In honor of Memorial Day The Tech Jawn crew did not record a new episode so we are hitting you with a recent episode from the archives.

In episode 74 we were joined by the founder and managing partner of RareBreed Ventures, Mac Conwell. We talked about the run on and ultimate failure of Silicon Valley bank, what actually happened, and how bad it could have been if the government didn’t step in.

We also talked about the ICAN Act, why Mac was called to testify in front of Congress about it, and how modifying the stipulations for what it takes to be a venture capitalist could be good for founders of color.

And lastly, we talked about Mac’s journey to becoming a VC and why he focuses on business outside of Massachusetts, New York, and California.

This was a fun one, so, strap in.

Link to Show Notes