Interview with PLLAY co-founder and CEO, Shawn Gunn: The Tech Jawn 19

We kick this episode of The Tech Jawn off with a tech story or two, but, we’ve got a special guest interview for you this week.

We chop it up with Shawn Gunn, co-founder and CEO PLLAY, an Artificial Intelligence-driven wagering and data analytics platform for video gamers.  

Shawn has also played a key role in helping multiple companies successfully exit, having raised over $50 million in venture funding and creating over $1 billion in exit value for investors.

We cover everything from what it’s like starting a tech company with black and female founders to how venture capital is not always the route startups should look to when getting off the ground. 

Shawn gives an overview PLLAY and how his company is changing the game with wagering in e-sports, and he leaves us with his view of where the metaverse is headed.

Link to book Shawn mentioned during the interview: Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson Amazon Affiliate Link