The After Show With Professor Tonya M. Evans: The Tech Jawn 16

The cast of The Tech Jawn is just coming back from our holiday hiatus but we wanted to present you with something special before we get back to live shows in the second week of January. 

Back in episode 8, we had the honor of interviewing Professor Tonya M. Evans, Forbe’s 50 Over 50 member, faculty at Penn State Dickinson Law, host of the Tech Intersect podcast, and blockchain and cryptocurrency expert.

We still get Tweets, IG comments, text messages, phone calls, etc. from folk asking about this episode and what many of them don’t know is that they only heard about half of the full interview. 

Patreon members of The Tech Jawn get pre and post-show bonus content by way of a live stream and, after the podcast ended, Professor Evans continued to drop gems about the world of cryptocurrency in what we are calling The Aftershow.

We are bringing you the full interview so, get ready and buckle up because we jump right into just over an hour of awesomeness with Professor Tonya M. Evans.