The SnobOS / Tech Jawn Feed Takeover

Hey Folks,

Robb Dunewood from The Tech Jawn here.

Let me first wish everyone a Happy New Year and let you know that the crew from the Tech Jawn is off this week with our normal recording day falling on Monday. 

We didn’t want your feeds to be empty so we’re doing a feed drop of BrothaTech’s and TechSavvyDiva’s SnobOS Podcast. In this clip, Terrance and Nica give you the lowdown on the new Apple Hotness that came out in 2023.

We’ll be back with a new live episode of the Tech Jawn next Monday, January 8th, so, until we meet again in a week’s time…

This was just a clip of the SnobOS Podcast.  If you’d like to find out how Nica and Terrance made out in their 2023 predictions, head over to, or search for SnobOS wherever you get your podcasts.  New episodes come out every Friday.