This Week’s Spotlight Shines on Nichelle Nichols: The Tech Jawn 46

30,000 tech workers have lost their jobs through July, but, we still believe Information Technology is, one of, if not the hottest job industries.

Apple Pay could possibly come to Chrome, Edge, and Firefox in iOS 16.  We aren’t sure if this is because Apple has seen the light, or, to prepare for looming EU legislation.

Meta and Tik Tok aren’t doing that great with content moderation in the diaspora.  The number of tribal languages spoken regionally is problematic for AI detection but they still need to do better.

And people are getting tired of Instagram focusing so much on video.  The image-sharing social media platform is trying to turn into Meta’s version of Tik Tok, but, some super high-profile creators aren’t down with the poorly implemented shift.

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