YouTube, Holler At Ya Boy, Ya Boy, And Ya Girl: The Tech Jawn 25

Apple’s Privacy Update wiped out over a quarter trillion dollars in market cap from 4 of the big social media companies.  Google is thinking about privacy too, but it ain’t going quite as hard as Apple.

Michael Jordan and son’s NFT project Heir is doing “OK” out the gate but it did have to pull back from initial projections.

YouTube is offering up $50,000 in cash to popular podcasts to convert from audio to video.  Hey YouTube, holler at The Tech Jawn right fast.  We got you.

And we wrap up the show with streaming services talk.  Disney Plus is adding an ads tier.  NBC is pulling its day after air content off Hulu. And is a cable subscription starting to look like a better option when it comes to bundles?

We’ve got all this and more in episode 25 of The Tech Jawn.

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